Comedy Central meets Economics!

A .5% increase in 1st quarter GDP was not a surprise and looking back it could have been a lot worse. The US economy is already in recession in manufacturing,corporate earnings and exports. The widely reported comment the the .5% actual growth was “slightly ” below the consensus of 0.7% is the best joke I have heard in a while. A quick look back will … Continue reading Comedy Central meets Economics!

Limping into the Second Quarter!

The economy seems to have survived the first quarter without officially going into recession but not without showing signs of faltering. In a couple of days we will have the first read on Q1 GDP but with the current GDP NOW showing 0.4% there is little doubt that the actual number is going to be below 1%.Unless something changes quickly this is going to be … Continue reading Limping into the Second Quarter!

Everyone Needs to Read This!!

As a general rule I never post outside material as congestion on the internet form reposting is already creating enough confusion but today is an exception. In the investment world Bill Gross is a legendary bond investor and respected by many people including me. In his latest market report is an honest and straightforward assessment of where we stand as a notion, it is not … Continue reading Everyone Needs to Read This!!